i3TOUCH Excellence



Get more out of your collaboration with interactive touch displays

i3 offers an exciting alternative to traditional interactive board solutions. Our i3TOUCH Excellence collection of interactive flat panels and accessories is an all-in-one solution. i3TOUCH Excellence features V-Sense technology, which ensures extremely fast and accurate display interaction, perfect for use in offices and meeting rooms!


10 touch


The i3TOUCH Excellence is equipped with V-Sense technology, meaning that sensors are located in the entire frame and allow precise and fast tracking of touches. The intuitive touch management with multi-touch technology allows up to 20 simultaneous touches.* An accurate motion detection is included: use two fingers to rotate, maximize or minimize objects on the board. The i3TOUCH Excellence recognizes the most common gestures. To write, you can use your finger or a stylus.

*Only applies to E10 series. Previous E-Series feature 10-touch.

Plug & Play


The i3TOUCH Excellence is available with an OPS slot. This all-in-one solution contains a slide-in OPS computer, configured with the latest Windows Professional. Just switch on the display and start working instantly.

NEW: browse the web & open your files without any computer!
The latest firmware will allow you to browse the internet and open your MS Office or PDF files without needing an OPS.



Combine the i3TOUCH with an i3FLOORSTAND to ensure flexibility and mobility in the meeting room. The mobile stand allows you to move the i3TOUCH around with ease. You can quickly adjust the height of the stand with the push of a button.


i3TOUCH extended warranty

i3BOARD warranty

Register your i3TOUCH for an extended warranty:

*only for education

*mandatory to register within one month after purchase

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