i3SYNC Pro pack FHD 3.0

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A plug-and-play wireless Full HD presenting tool

Change the way you give presentations with this compact and lightweight presenting tool. The i3SYNC Pro is a wireless HDMI device which allows you to instantly share your screen with other participants in Full HD quality. The tool is OS independent and universally compatible with any HDMI device. It is only a matter of plugging the wireless transmitter and receiver in your device. There is no installation required. You can easily switch between screens with the push of a button.

High Image Quality


The i3SYNC Pro allows you to share your screen in Full HD. This means you can share images, files, presentations, videos and much more in high quality on a large screen.

Promote collaboration


Switch from one screen to another with the push of a button. The i3SYNC is compatible with any HDMI device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and cameras. It is even OS independent. The device allows up to 254 users to share their screen, promoting collaboration and flexibility in the meeting room.

Save Time


No need to struggle with cables or re-adjusting resolutions. Share your screen instantly, without installation. i3SYNC is a true plug-and-play device, which allows you and your team to save precious time.

Easy to manage


Reorganize your devices as much as needed. No technical expertise is required, as it is purely a matter of linking transmitters and receivers. In case you need a bigger meeting room, it is possible to use transmitters from another room, instantly link them to the new receiver and you are all set.


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