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Digitizing workflows, an "always on" society, obiquity of internet access and productivity software,… These are some of the many factors that influence our daily occupations as learners, teachers, and workers. They bring new requirements to the environments we are active in, and to us as individuals and groups.

We often lack, however, the right –easy to use – tools, equipment and interfaces to work most effectively in these new, blended analog and digital environments.

Our mission is to provide every learning and meeting environment in the world with affordable, easy acces to inspiring ways of working by means of integrated solutions that foster interaction.

These solutions may consist of hard- and software technology products integrated with classic visual communication products and accessories that aid the environment's users in presenting and collaborating effectively. Hence the brand name i3 (iii): interactive, integrate, inspiring.

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Product design

Our development processes are rooted in the User Based design, Universal Design for Learning (UDFL) and Cradle to Cradle principles. This means we don't develop products to suit our capabilities and processes, but want to achieve the best possible solution for the end user. In order to achieve that, we have to stay in close contact with our end users and keep our finger on the pulse of their ever evolving needs, but also of the available technologies, materials and techniques that may open new opportunities. Consequently, our design and development team has gathered a well above average knowledge about the way people work and learn in the 21st century, and insights on how their needs may evolve in the near future.

The results speak volumes: the solutions we developed in the past two years have won awards in various countries and competitions worldwide. Yet for us, the best recognition remains seeing learners' and workers' eyes light up when using our solutions, inspired by the integrated ease of use, the inspiring design and the interaction and collaboration they allow.

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