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Discover a more efficient way to collaborate in the meeting room with i3. Our corporate solutions consist of hardware and software technology products integrated with classic visual communication products and accessories which aid users in presenting and collaborating effectively in the meeting room.


Fully enjoy the benefits from cloud: instantly connect to a shared whiteboard with any mobile device seamlessly from any location.


No creative drawing skills are required. Templates for drawing tables and graphs, as well as symbols, are already included in the library. 


Do you prefer to store your files in your shared Dropbox or Evernote folder? i3MEETINGHUB integrates with your existing setup.

For everyone

The intuitive user interface is accessible for everyone. Instant access and connection ensure everyone can fully focus on the presentation.


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Our mission

Many companies are preparing for global expansion. They are looking for innovative ways to organize meetings with all coworkers, both in the main office and elsewhere in the world. Traditional meetings fail to involve all participants, which limits their potential and therefore their effectiveness. At i3-Technologies we consider it our mission to adapt traditional meetings to the globalizing and digitalizing society.

The digital workspace

Our strategy consists of promoting real-time collaboration and creating digital workflows to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. The impact of the internet on our professional lives is substantial. In times of traffic congestions and foreign branches, real-time communication offers significant benefits in terms of time saving and travel expenses.

Powerful simplicity

Simplicity also plays a key role in our strategy to remove distractions and speed up the decision-making process. Full integration of hardware and software and intuitive design are important factors that contribute to simplicity and ease of use.

For every meeting situation

Of course, every company runs differently and thus requires a different approach to hold effective and productive meetings. We will always work closely with you to understand your business and put forward solutions that are suited to your requirements.

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interactive • integrated • inspiring


Our solutions are designed to foster one-to-one and group interactions. They encourage people to work together on projects in order to gain new knowledge and insights. Together they achieve more than they would separately.


By synergizing workspace, furniture and technology we create the ideal environment in which users can collaborate, learn and find solutions quickly and efficiently. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Inspiration is a prerequisite for success. By offering intuitive solutions that provide innovative ways of working, we stimulate creative thinking and motivate users to achieve the best results in their environment.

i3 corporate solutions