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Interactive wallmount system

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Adaptive use of interactive whiteboards with the i3SWEEZZ.

A lot a lot of energy has been put into adaptive education for primary education, where differences between students have been taken into account. With the arrival of interactive whiteboards this effort is threatened to be partly lost.

By utilizing a fixed interactive whiteboard at the front of the room students attention is directed in one position. Education remains traditional, and less individual. While this approach is at times desired while instructing an entire classroom, in other cases it is better if the attention of the whole class is not aimed at the interactive whiteboard as students may become distracted.

In consistency with adaptive education, other methods to learn are raised: e.g. working in groups, independently process learning materials, research, preparing for presentations. Teachers give information to groups of students, or act as a coach or counsellor such as with flipped classrooms. This results in the need for a system, where an interactive whiteboard can be used by smaller groups, without the rest of the class being distracted. The solution seems simple: Allow the board to move in any direction within the classroom. With i3SWEEZZ you can! In addition, i3SWEEZZ's large electric height adjustment range allows students of any height to see the board clearly from all corners of the room, or comfortably approach the board.

Flexible design

i3SWEEZZ's universal design allows you to utilize the technology solution of your choice. By supporting today's most popular ultra-short throw projectors, white or interactive boards and LCD displays instructors can choose a display that fits their exact teaching style, needs and budget.

The i3SWEEZZ also is useful to prevent repetitive stress injuries. If teachers or students use a display that is not height adjustable it could lead to backs and arm complaints, as described in the (Dutch) article. Another element is the position of the projector. By incorporating an ultra-short distance between the board and projector teachers and students don't look directly into the lamp. With i3SWEEZZ teachers and students stay fit and healthy!

Access and inclusion

The i3SWEEZZ is an exciting development given the 'access and inclusion' agenda, i.e. those confined to a wheelchair or specialist hospital schools where there is demand for such an easy-to-approach and flexible product.