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Discover a more efficient way to collaborate in the meeting room with i3. Our corporate solutions consist of hardware and software technology products integrated with classic visual communication products and accessories which aid users in presenting and collaborating effectively in the meeting room.


Fully enjoy the benefits from cloud: instantly connect to a shared whiteboard with any mobile device seamlessly from any location.


No creative drawing skills are required. Templates for drawing tables and graphs, as well as symbols, are already included in the library. 


Do you prefer to store your files in your shared Dropbox or Evernote folder? i3MEETINGHUB integrates with your existing setup.

For everyone

The intuitive user interface is accessible for everyone. Instant access and connection ensure everyone can fully focus on the presentation.

i3SNAP Installation manuals

i3SNAP installation manuals



Can I purchase just the i3SNAP app and use it on my generic whiteboard?

No: the i3SNAP copyboard is specially designed to help the i3SNAP app achieve better results, by optimizing the analog image, before any filters or algorythms are applied.
You will also need to be in range of an i3SNAP flipchart to unlock the app

How much power does the i3SNAP board consume?

The i3SNAP copyboard consumes very little energy. Its CR2032 batteries will last about 2 years and are easy to change.

How close does the i3SNAP board need to be to a power outlet?

The i3SNAP dry-erase flipchart is powered by 2 CR2032 batteries and has no wires. Equipped with the optional floorstand, you can use it anywhere you want, even outside!

Which accessories are included with the board, and can I buy replacements?

The i3SNAP Board comes with three i3MARKER dry erase markers (black, red, blue) and their magnetic holders, a double-sided eraser and its cover, a microfiber cloth, 3 mini magnets and a whiteboard cleaning spray.

Can I write on the board with any dry erase marker?

You can use virtually any dry erase marker with the board. Best results, however, are obtained with the refillable i3MARKER by Pilot markers

Where can I buy replacement parts for the board?

All accessories and replacement parts can be purchased from i3-TECHNOLOGIES through your reseller.


How much does the i3SNAP app cost?

The i3SNAP app is free to download. Anybody can use it when an i3SNAP flipchart is in range.

Is the i3SNAP app available for my smartphone?

i3SNAP is available for Android and iOS devices. A Windows Phone version is coming soon

How do I share my i3SNAP notes with the meeting participants?

Sharing is as easy as 2 clicks. When linked with your calendar, i3SNAP knows who is in you meeting and can send nicely formatted PDF notes in 2 clicks, by email.

You can also share your notes using your favorite cloud service or chat tool, such as Dropbox or Whatsapp

Does the i3SNAP app allow me to share live notes with my offsite colleagues?

Yes. i3SNAP in combination with i3MEETINGHUB allows you to share your session online. Access for participants is instant: no need to register for an account or download and install software first.

Do the i3SNAP boards support multi-way inking?

i3SNAP boards don’t support multi-way inking. These boards are not interactive display panels and do not use digital ink so they are unable to display what remote participants contribute to a sharing session.

In what file formats can I save snapshots?

You can save your snapshots in JPEG or PDF format in the i3SNAP app, and in i3MEETINGHUB format when you are connected to our i3MEETINGHUB cloud solution.

What is the typical file size of a snapshot?

An typical i3SNAP PDF export is less than 500KB.

How many users can join a session?

There is no limit to how many users can join a session facilitated with i3MEETINGHUB.


Does the i3SNAP board require an Internet connection?

The board doesn’t require access to the Internet (wired or wireless). The mobile device that connects to the board requires Wi-Fi® or a mobile data plan to share a board session and to share email the snapshots or share them to other cloud services.

Do I need to connect or pair my mobile device to the board?

No. i3SNAP is built to be easy and fast. No pairing of any sort is required.

Can I connect an i3TOUCH display to an i3SNAP board?

You can view and browse a share session from a board on an i3TOUCH display by opening the connect session in an Internet browser.

Can I connect multiple boards together?

As your smartphone camera serves as the digitizer and no technology is used in the board, you don’t need to connect boards to merge information from multiple carriers. You aren’t limited to boards, for that matter, you can literally snap anything that contributes to your meeting and add it to your notes


The board saves data to a cloud-based service. Isn’t the cloud a scary place where people can steal data?

i3 protects your sensitive information in the i3MEETINGHUB cloud service by using only encrypted communication protocols (HTTPS). The live sessions only remain accessible as long as the ‘share’ toggle is on.

What prevents someone from intercepting content from a board?

As i3SNAP doesn’t use radio to communicate, but your smartphone camera to digitize your work, only people in the room and who have received your share code can access the presentation. You remain in control at all times to remove unwanted participants from a live session