Collaborate more effectively

Are you looking for effective and innovative ways to collaborate with several participants on a shared screen in a local or remote meeting environment? i3 corporate solutions allow local and remote participants to interact with any type of content anywhere in the world and from any mobile device. Our range of interactive whiteboards, touch displays and projectors with multi-touch technology allow multiple users to annotate simultaneously in order to improve collaboration.

Combine i3's multi-touch hardware solutions with i3MEETINGHUB presentation software for seamless, instant access to a shared whiteboard with any mobile device from any location.

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Let your ideas flow

A brainstorming session plays a crucial role in a meeting environment as a means to find answers to specific questions or issues. The purpose of a brainstorming session is to rapidly generate multiple ideas on the particular topic or issue. The focus lies on quantity, as the underlying idea of the process is that among the multitude of ideas, there will most likely be a useful one.

Therefore, the ideal brainstorm platform is available at anytime and allows users to connect instantly. The writing surface needs to be infinite and should allow multiple users to make annotations simultaneously. All participants must be able to connect from anywhere and from any device. By integrating all of these features, i3 solutions aim at stimulating the flow of ideas.

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Change the way you give presentations

i3 defines the ideal solution to share presentations in a meeting environment as an easy-to-use plug-and-play device, allowing the presenter to connect his device instantly to the screen, without requiring technical knowledge or training. i3 solutions boost interactivity in the meeting room and enable participants to actively engage in the presentation by making live annotations, save changes and share the most recent version of the presentation instantly.

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